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Business owners are faced with many challenges every single day. Many spend too much of their valuable time searching for practical solutions and the confidence that their solution is the best one for the challenge. These distractions and challenges tear them away from running their business and, over time, strip away at their desire to continue to grow their business.

CEO-Ninety, hosted by Chief Executive Organization, LLC, is a forum which pulls together like-minded business owners and Trusted Advisory Board Members to help tackle some of these common challenges. We gather regularly to discuss, collaborate and exchange knowledge and insight on issues and challenges that we are facing today. Issues like

  • How does the current economic situation affect my business?
  • What is on the political horizon and how does it impact my business?
  • How do I handle changes in employment laws, regulations and the like?

We are not alone in our challenges – many of our peers are faced with the same ones. Some of us have already dealt with them while others of us are just now preparing. CEO-Ninety is a venue where business owners are able to share with their peers real world challenges, insight, guidance and perhaps most importantly, solutions.

Our meeting forum is not one where one speaker talks to the audience. The “closed door” environment is one which fosters open dialogue, interaction and collaboration. The room consists solely of business owners, CEO-Ninety Trusted Advisory Board Members and a few subject matter experts. There are no sales pitches, no corporate sponsors and no advertisements. Simply put, it is an environment which allows business owners to lower their guard and truly experience the power of peer-to-peer dialogue in a controlled environment.

Our Trusted Advisory Board Members are carefully selected. Each Board Member brings expertise in his/her area of business as well as a common set of morals, ethics and professionalism. Each Board Member participates because they want to help other business owners be successful by aligning them with the right people, resources and expertise. Board Members gather regularly to discuss what is going on in the economy, political scene, financial markets and other areas that affect small and mid-sized businesses. They collaborate to decide topics of discussion and create an environment which simply allows business owners to attend, learn, interact, collaborate and flourish.

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