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CEO-Ninety Establishes Support Seminar for Second-Stage Companies in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC - Business owners all over the US face challenges every day. Often time, too much valuable time is spent searching for practical solutions. These distractions and challenges tear executives away from running their business and, over time, strips away at their desire to continue to grow their business.

"Many companies feel they need to pay for a consultant to help tackle some of the common challenges of business entrepreneurship, but really the answers and advice they are seeking are amongst their peers," says Mike Bork, CEO of Chief Executive Organization, LLC. "The dilemma was that Charlotte didn't offer any great avenue to collaborate with peers and advisors to get the solid answers and solutions companies are looking for. That's where CEO-Ninety comes in."

CEO-Ninety, hosted by Chief Executive Organization, LLC, is a 90-minute forum which pulls together like-minded business owners represented by Charlotte's finest professionals. This elite entrepreneurial support organization was created for the sole purpose of providing a controlled environment for Chief Executive Officers and their Trusted Advisors to come together in a peer-to-peer collaborative environment. CEO-Ninety focuses on educating and promoting relationships which influence the growth of the business owners and their company.

Unique to CEO-Ninety is the Trusted Advisory Board Members, a group of elite professionals in the Charlotte area who maintain a unified set of professional business goals and ethics. Consisting of entrepreneurs and professionals that serve as established experts within their industries, the board is extremely cohesive and is comprised of visionaries with the integrity and confidence to lead. "Our ethics are something we take very seriously," says Chief Executive Organization, LLC's CCO, Jack Burke. "Ethics create credibility and support our positions as trusted leaders. Our advisors have committed themselves to providing sound advice and direction to their colleagues, clients and members of our community." In order to maintain the required level of ethics, morals and professionalism expected, CEO-Ninety invitations must be extended by pre-existing board advisors. However, Second-stage business owners and executives may submit a request for invitation to join the new Charlotte network through the website, The first Charlotte meeting will take place in Ballantyne this August.